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Allah Kuli kán

Pakhlavan Mahmud Mausoleum is the holiest site in Khiva and it belongs to the highlights of any city tour. It is named after Pakhlavan Mahmud (1247-1325), a local craftsman making fur hats who was also a talented poet and a  famous wrestler. The local hero was entombed here, at the former place of his workshop but it soon  became a pilgrimage site and several khans decided to be buried here as well. They turned the small mausoleum into a spectacular emerald-green domed shrine.

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Tosh Hovli (or Tash Hauli) Palace was built by the order of Allah Kuli Khan in 1832. It consists of three courtyards: the reception area, the harem and the guesthouse area. Visitors are nowadays allowed to tour the harem courtyard, so we'll also focus on this part of the palace complex.

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The term „Kunya Ark” means „Original Citadel” reminding us of the fact, that the first residence of the khans of Khiva was also used for military functions. In fact it is a fortress within the fortified walls of Itchan Kala, but the khans have rebuilt it into a magnificent palace throughout the centuries. Despite the construction of Tosh Hauli Palace in the 1830's which was followed by another residence outside the walls, Kunya Ark remained in use till the 20th century.

Published in Khiva