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16. század

The old dome of Brescia represents an example of extraordinary beauty of Romanesque architecture in Italy.


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The Celestine convent of Santo Spirito was built in the first half of the 14th century together with a Gothic church and a small hospital. Celestines are a Roman Catholic monastic order, a branch of the Benedictines, founded in 1244.

Published in Bergamo

It is an important Romanesque-Gothic church from the 13th century adorned with 14-16th century frescoes and masterpieces by Moretto and Romanino.

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This Renaissance church got its name from a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary that was once kept there. More than 500 years after its construction, the most important features of the building are its elaborately decorated marble reliefs in the facade and portico making it a must for all visitors of Brescia.

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Wat Xieng Thong is one of the most important of Lao monasteries, definitely the most significant temple in Luang Prabang, a monument to the spirit of religion, royalty and traditional style of a fascinating city. It consists of more than twenty structures on the grounds including shrines, pavilions and residences, in addition to its gardens of various flowers, ornamental shrubs and trees.

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Tanah Lot is a rock formation and a pilgrimage temple that is very popular among tourists due to its unforgettable setting. The name of Pura Tanah Lot means „land in the sea”.

Rock face below the temple was extensively reconstructed in the 1980’s when it began to crumble. It was the Japanese government that provided a loan to the Indonesia government to conserve the historic temple and other significant locations around Bali.

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