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14. század

Built at the middle of the 14th century, this small mausoleum is a hidden gem between the large medressas.

Published in Khiva

The Celestine convent of Santo Spirito was built in the first half of the 14th century together with a Gothic church and a small hospital. Celestines are a Roman Catholic monastic order, a branch of the Benedictines, founded in 1244.

Published in Bergamo

It is a medieval fortress built upon a hill within the Upper town of Bergamo.

Published in Bergamo

Built in the late 13th and early 16th century, the former Convent of San Francesco is a fine example of medieval monastic architecture.

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The former military heart of the city is now occupied by two museums that could both be visited free of charge.

Published in Bergamo

To the right of the entrance of Cappella Colleoni stands the octagonal baptistery of Santa Maria Maggiore, constructed in 1340 by Giovanni da Campione.

Published in Bergamo

It is an important Romanesque-Gothic church from the 13th century adorned with 14-16th century frescoes and masterpieces by Moretto and Romanino.

Published in Brescia

Kisszentgrót used to be a small village close to the town of Zalaszentgrót during medieval times, but by now it has become part of the town. Ruins of the former gothic Franciscan monastery of Kisszentgrót can still be seen today.

Published in Zala county

This cemetary chapel dedicated to King St. Stephen was built by King Ladislaus according to the popular tradition. Its sanctuary is Romanesque (13th century),while the nave and the small tower is gothic (14th century). The chapel was partially rebuilt in the 18th century and was restored in 1982.

Parish church of Nagygeresd was originally built in Romanesque style during the 13th century. Not much is left from the original architecture but for the sanctuary that still preserves the original style, while the nave had been rebuilt in gothic sytle during the 14th century.

Published in Vas county
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