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Abeyadana temple in 360°

Abeyadana pahto was built during 1102-1103 by one of the greatest Burmese monarchs, King Kyansittha (or Kyanzittha) ruling between 1084 and 1113.

1. About King Kyansittha

He was the son of King Anawrahta, ruler of Upper Burma with a seat in Bagan. In his early life, Kyansittha led his father's military campaigns and became a successful general. Troops of the king of Bagan ventured into Lower Burma and occupied the Mon kingdom of Thaton by 1057. Kyansittha's brother, Sawlu inherited the throne in 1077, but he was inexperienced and got captured and killed in a Mon rebellion in Lower Burma. Kyansittha took revenge, suppressed the rebellion and ascended to the Bagan throne in 1084.

King Kyansittha's reign was largely peaceful and as a great admirer of Mon culture, he pursued a conciliatory policy towards the Mon of the south. His reign brought a synthesis of Bamar, Mon, Pyu and Buddhist practices into a Burmese cultural tradition that began to reach a level of maturity.

2. Legend of the temple

Legend has it that during a battle with the Mons, his wife Abeyadana waited for him a short distance away. At that site he subsequently decided to build a temple and named it after his wife, Abeyadana literally meaning the “abandoned jewel”. Layout of the temple is very similar to temple Nagayon, also erected by King Kyansittha. Abeyadana is a Mahayana Buddhist temple with precious frescoes depicting Hindus Gods like Indra, Shiva and Vishnu along with a large seated Buddha-statue in the inner shrine.


3. When to see

The temples of Bagan can be visited from sunrise till sunset. Please note that terraces of popular sunset spots might get closed.


4. Location

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