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Roman villa near Bruck and der Leitha in 360°

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Ruins of a Roman villa palace are located next to the highway to Budapest in the vicinity of Bruck an der Leitha and Bruckneudorf.

1. What to see

The first excavations began here in 1899 and the exposed  50 graves with grave stones were brought to the museum in Mosonmagyaróvár. Further excavations supported by  the  Austrian Archaeological Institute revealed the main buildings, farm buildings and the perimeter of the villa.  Archaeologists discovered a 300-square-meter mosaic, which is the largest complex mosaic of Austria. Today this mosaic can be seen in the Burgenland State Museum in Eisenstadt.

2. Location
3. How to get there

By car

The actual route to be taken depends on your location. If travelling from Sopron, Hungary then follow road 84 and 85 to Fertőszentmiklós, drive to the border to Austria and follow road 51 to Halbturn. Continue to Neusiedl am See and Parndorf to get finally to Bruck an der Leitha. If staying in Eisenstadt, Austria simply follow road 50 around Neusiedler Lake.

4. Where to stay

If looking for cheap accomodation to excplore monuments of Burgenland, an option can be to select a hotel in the neaby city of Sopron, Hungary. If staying in Austria, it is recommended to stay in Eisenstadt, the regional center of Burgenland.

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