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Frauenkirchen Basilica in 360°

According to some speculations, this place could be a Roman shrine of Aphrodite that was converted into a shrine of Mary. In fact the village was mentioned first in 1324 as a popular place of pilgrimage. At that time it was called as "Zenmária" (Szent Mária,  Holy Virgin). The medieval church was destroyed in 1529 by the Turks and it remained a ruin for over 100 years. The church was rebuilt only when it came into the possession of Prince Paul Esterházy. The work was completed by 1680, but  unfortunately it was again destroyed by the Turks in 1683.  The architect Francesco Martinelli was commissioned by the prince in 1695 with the construction of the church that lasted till 1702.

1. What to see

On the high altar the miraculous statue is flanked by powerful figures of the holy kings Stephan and Ladislaus. In the middle we can see the Gothic statue carved from linden wood, dating from the year 1240. Until 1661, it was venerated in the chapel of Forchtenstein, when it was taken in a solemn procession to the church. The oval picture above the statue shows Godfather with the Holy Spirit with the parents of Mary, Joachim and Anna.

Visitors can admire the original icon of the church on the altar of Mary. Although being painted on a wooden board, the image was reported to have survived the burning of the church in 1529. The medieval image shows a so-called nursing Madonna ("Maria lactans"). There are mysterious characters under the Baroque frame that could have never been deciphered.


2. Location
3. How to get there

By car

The actual route to be taken depends on your location. If travelling from Sopron, Hungary then follow road 84 and 85 to Fertőszentmiklós, drive to the border to Austria and follow road 51 to Frauenkirchen. If staying in Eisenstadt, Austria simply follow road 50 around Neusiedler Lake.

4. Where to stay

If looking for cheap accomodation to excplore monuments of Burgenland, an option can be to select a hotel in the neaby city of Sopron, Hungary. If staying in Austria, it is recommended to stay in Eisenstadt, the regional center of Burgenland.

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