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Gyula castle in 360°

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Gyula castle is a medieval fortress built using fired bricks between 1403 and 1445 in Gothic style. During its turbulent history, it was occupied by the Turks for 130 years between 1566 and 1695, later used as a storage unit in the 18th and 19th century and finally restored to its former glory in the recent years.

1. What to see

Its structure consisted of an inner castle surrounded by defensive walls and a rounded bastion (rondella). Although the inner castle is still well-preserved only ruins of the former defensive walls can be seen today. Next to this central section, a more spacious outer castle - originally built to house the cavalry - stretched to the site of present Harruckern-Wenckheim-Almásy Mansion. Only a tower remained from this larger castle, now attached to the north wing of the mansion.

Visitors can now enter the inner castle through a reconstructed drawbridge over the moat. They find themselves at the ground floor of the large tower. There is a spiral staircase winding up to the roof from where they can enjoy a splendid panoramic view over the surroundings. Another option is to follow the route leading from the large tower to the courtyard.

The courtyard is surrounded by two-storey buildings. Workshops, prisons and storage units occupied the ground floor and palace halls were placed above them. These halls are adorned with medieval stone windows, vaulted stone door frames and corner fireplaces. The most imposing among them is the knights' hall standing close to the large tower. There is a beautiful two-storey high 15th century chapel just opposite the knights' hall. Today museum exhibitions invite visitors on an authentic time journey to the history of the castle in the Middle Ages and to the everyday life of those living in the Gothic and Renaissance period. An open theatre is held in the courtyard during summers.

City of Gyula will never forget the tragical events following the defeat of the Hungarain Freedom Fights in 1849. 1300 Honvéd officers captured at Világos were disarmed, brought here and handed over to the Austrian authorities in Gyula. Nine out of the 13 officers who were later executed in Arad were imprisoned here, in Gyula. The nine columns of this memorial place next to the rounded bastion reminds us of them.

2. Location
3. How to get there
3.1. By plane

The large international airport of Hungary, Liszt Ferenc Airport is in the suburbs of the capital, Budapest.


3.2. By car

If arriving at Budapest, take toll-highway M5. After reaching Kecskemét, follow road 44 to Gyula. The castle is in a large park in the middle of the town.


4. Where to stay

There are several hotels to select from in Gyula.


5. Current weather

{weather Gyula,Hungary}

Hungary has a temperate continental climate with Mediterranean and Atlantic influences. Depending on the location, winters can be cold, cloudy and damp or windy, the summers warm and sometimes very hot. May, June and November are the rainiest months, although more rain usually falls in the west and Southwest than in the east. The number of hours of sunshine a year varies between 1900 and 2500 – among the highest in Europe. From April to the end of September, you can expect the sun to shine for about 10 hours a day. July is the hottest month (average temperature 23.2° C) and January the coldest (-1.3° C). The average annual temperature is 11° C.

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