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Parish church of Nyíracsád in 360°

Nyíracsád is famous for its late romanesque - early gothic style church which was built during the 13th century. Its structure resembles churches of County Szatmár but it is located in County Hajdú-Bihar. In fact it is the oldest, still used church of the county. Originally it was a roman-catholic church which has been used by the protestants since 1567.  Its latest interior and exterior reconstruction was finished in 1995, it also included the construction of a new vestry and bell-tower.

1. What to see

The interior of the church contains important medieval frescoes. Mother of Constantine who found the cross of Christ can still be seen in the nave. She visited the Holy Land in 320AD and found the Cross on Golgota Hill. This medieval painting is uinique in Hungary, it cannot be found in any other churches of that age. You can find several carvings and dates (like 1588 and 1702) on the walls of the church. The figure of a bishop can still be very clearly seen on the wall of the arch facing the nave.

The sanctuary contains a fresco of Christ on the cross. It is unique beacuse the painting is split into three parts by the two small windows. Inner part of the arch is decorated with the figures of Catherine and Elisabeth of Aragon. The 300 years old pulpit is adorned with renessaince motives, its basement dates back to the 18th century.

2. Location
3. How to get there
3.1. By plane

The large international airport of Hungary, Liszt Ferenc Airport is in the suburbs of the capital, Budapest.


3.2. By car

If arriving at Budapest, take toll-highway M3 and M35. After reaching Debrecen, follow road 48 to Vámospércs. There is a minor road connecting Nyíracsád with Vámospércs via Nyírmártonfalva.

4. Where to stay

There are several hotels to select from in Debrecen.

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