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Hotels & Restaurants 360° virtual tour

Most hotels and restaurants are located within the Itchan Kala, the walled inner town of Khiva.

1. Hotel Sobir Arkanchi

Our pick, Hotel Sobir Arkanchi is an exception to the above rule, but it is still very close to the North Gate. Rooms are spacious and bathrooms are much larger than in most European hotels. Traditional Uzbek breakfast with a hotel meal is served in its restaurant.

2. Hotel Arkanchi

Hotel Arkanchi proudly declares itself the first privately-owned hotel in entire Uzbekistan. Its location makes this hotel a very good option for most travelers since it is just two minutes from Kalta Minor, the landmark of Khiva. We've had our lunches and dinners served in the restaurant of this hotel.

3. Restoran Khiva

The former Matniyoz Divanbeg (or Matniyaz Divan-Begi) Medressa just opposite Kalta Minor has been converted into a nicely-lit restaurant. It is a good idea to spend the evening here if you plan to take evening photos of Kalta Minor.

4. Yusuf Yasavulboshi Medressa

Just a few steps from Kunya Ark at North square, the former Yusuf Yasavulboshi Medressa built in 1906 has also been converted into a nice restaurant.

5. Zerafshan Restaurant

Zerafshan is a small restaurant occupying the former 19th century Tolib Makhsum Medressa. It is next to Islam Khodja Medressa, just a couple of minutes from Juma Mosque. Interior of the restaurant is decorated in national Uzbek style and it can seat up to 50 people.

6. Map

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