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Ancient Roman sights of Brescia in 360°

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Leaving Piazza Loggia and walking along Via dei Musei (the former decumannus), you'll soon find yourself in the middle of the ancient Roman town of Brixia. The most remarkable sights include the Capitoline temple at the Forum Romanum and the nearby theatre.


1. What to see

Built by Emperor Vespasian in 73 AD, the Capitoline temple is a typical structure with three chambers to support the cults of the Capitoline trinity. However there is archaeological evidence supporting that this temple was erected on the plan of an underlying Republican temple which contained a fourth chamber. Probably a local deity was venerated there, but the easternmost chamber was demolished to make way for an extension of the theatre.

During our visit to Brescia in late February 2012, the Capitoline temple was closed because of ongoing excavations. The crumbling nearby Roman theatre is also fenced off and is not likely to be opened even for the high season.

2. Location

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