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San Bartolomeo church 360° virtual tour

The church of St. Bartholomew was built in the early 17th century and is famous for a large altarpiece by Lorenzo Lotto.

Designed by Anton Maria Caneva, construction works of the church began in 1613 and it was only completed in 1642. The building was continually altered over the centuries: the imposing facade was not finished until the 19th century.

1. What to see

The church is simple, but elegant and majestic at the same time with a size of 60*14 metres excluding chapels. Behind the altar you can admire the famous Madonna and Child with Saints painted by Lorenzo Lotto in 1516. It depicts St. Alexander of Bergamo, Barbara, Roch, Dominic and various characters that were important to the Dominican Order and the city of Bergamo. Noteworthy is the the inlaid wooden choir in the apse.

2. When to see

Opening times might vary, probably the best option is to visit the church right after the evening mass.

3. Location

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