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San Francesco monastery – History museum in 360°

Built in the late 13th and early 16th century, the former Convent of San Francesco is a fine example of medieval monastic architecture.

Since 1997 the monastery is linked to the Historical Museum of Bergamo: until 2003 it contained the 19th century collection of the museum which is now on display at La Rocca. Currently the former monastery houses temporary exhibitions.

1. What to see

According to a description given by Camillo Besi in 1716 and by Abbot Giambattista Angelini in 1720, the church of San Francesco, appeared to be the largest and most beautiful church of the city after St. Maria Maggiore.  Unfortunately a demolition took place in 1821, saving only a part of the originally three-naved building. A significant amount of late 14th and early 15th century frescoes still adorn the rooms of the former convent.

2. When to see

October to May: 9.30am-1pm and  2.30pm-6pm
June to September: 9.30am-1pm and  2.30pm-6pm, Saturdays and Sundays: 9.30am - 7pm
Closed on Mondays.

However, the museum was closed in the afternoon during our off-season visit to Bergamo.

3. Location

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