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King Hussein Mosque in 360°

King Hussein Mosque, better known as Al-Husseini Mosque is considered to be Amman's grand mosque.  Built by King Abdullah I in 1924, soon after the establishment of Jordan, and restored in 1987, this mosque is exactly in the heart of Downtown of Amman.

1. What to see

It is said that the present building occupies the site of the first mosque in Amman, built in 640AD by Umar, the second caliph of Islam. Although the current structure dates from after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, it is still heavily influenced by Ottoman architectural style.

The plaza before the mosque is a meeting place of locals and can be a good starting point to discover the downtown of Amman.

2. When to see

Non-muslims are generally allowed inside, except during prayers. During our visit in August 2011, it was too early in the morning to visit the mosque and we've decided to focus on more important sights.

3. Location

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