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Abydos was the cult center of Osiris, god of the dead. Although there were shrines dedicated to the parts of Osiris throughout Egypt, the temple of Abydos used to be the most important of them. This was a place that most Egyptians wished to visit once in their lifetime or to have them buried here. Thus the area of Abydos was used as a necropolis from predynastic times to Christian times (4000 BC-600AD). The pharaohs of the first dynasty were buried in Abydos, including Narmer, the founder of the first dynasty. Nine or ten temples were erected here in Abydos from the first dynasty to the twenty-sixth dynasty. The array of temples included the Great Osiris temple, the temple of Seti I and the temple of Ramses II., out of which the temple of Seti I is the best preserved.

The 360° virtual tour focuses on the temple of Seti I and the Osierion showing areas that are usually not accessible to the public (ie. Ptah-Sokar complex). Besides the panoramic images, there is also detailed textual description describing each of the monuments included in the virtual tour. Interesting details, carved panels and scenes have been highlighted.

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