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Kisszentgrót used to be a small village close to the town of Zalaszentgrót during medieval times, but by now it has become part of the town. Ruins of the former gothic Franciscan monastery of Kisszentgrót can still be seen today.

One of the earliest Premonstratensian abbey churches, it was built by French masters around 1230 and has remained almost unchanged. Originally Romanesque, it was subsequently refurbished in an early Gothic-Gothic style. In the 16th century the building suffered damage several times and was restored only in the 18th century. The main facade was rebuilt in Baroque style and the porch also received a Baroque frame. It was restored in Neo-gothic style by Kálmán Lux between 1920 and 1921.

Saint Ann parish church built in roman style around 1260 AD has a completely circular plan, thus it is a round church. Such buildings were popular church constructions in the Carpathian Basin, Scandinavia and Armenia during the Middle Ages. Still standing examples of round churches can be found in the villages of Ják, Öskü, Kisszombor and Kallósd in Hungary.

This valley close to Zalaegerszeg, Hungary has a yearly unique sight during two weeks in May: the spring blossom of the azalea collection. These exotic plants were first planted as an experiment in this valley which has its own microclimate.