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Nanpaya temple in 360°

Recent studies revealed that Nanpaya temple was built by King Manuha's grand-nephew, Prince Naga Thaman in the late 11th century.

1. What to see

Bagan's finest sculptures can be found inside: the four brick pillars of the sanctuary are covered with sandstone bas-reliefs depicting three-faced Brahma figures. The creator deity is holding lotus flowers, thought to be offerings for a free-standing statue of Buddha or a Hindu god. Above the Brahma figures, a series of ogre-like Kala-heads can be seen with open mouths surrounded by flower garlands.

2. Legend of the temple

According to a local legend, it was originally a Hindu shrine and was converted into King Manuha's prison because it was easier to use it as a prison than converting it into a Buddhist shrine. However there isn’t any evidence supporting this legend.

3. When to see

The temples of Bagan can be visited from sunrise till sunset. Please note that terraces of popular sunset spots might get closed.


4. Location

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