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Dhammayazika pagoda in 360°

Dhammayazika paya was built in 1196 by Narapatisithu, king of Bagan between 1173 and 1210.

1. What to see

Layout of the building follows a rare pentagonal shape: instead of the traditional rectangular terraces, three pentagonal terraces were established. Decoration of the terraces includes glazed plaques, showing Jataka scenes (life stories of the Buddha). There are five small chapels at each side of the pagoda, each housing an image of Buddha. Usually there are four Buddhas in such temples facing the four directions, representing the four Buddhas who have already attained Enlightenment. This time the fifth one is the future becoming Buddha.

2. When to see

The temples of Bagan can be visited from sunrise till sunset. Please note that terraces of popular sunset spots might get closed.


3. Location

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