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Parish church of Kallósd in 360°

Saint Ann parish church built in roman style around 1260 AD has a completely circular plan, thus it is a round church. Such buildings were popular church constructions in the Carpathian Basin, Scandinavia and Armenia during the Middle Ages. Still standing examples of round churches can be found in the villages of Ják, Öskü, Kisszombor and Kallósd in Hungary.

1. What to see

Exterior of the building is enriched with half columns. The rounded interior has a diameter of 5.8 metres, its walls are decorated with six medieval sedilia. There is a wooden staircase leading to the gallery.

2. Location
3. How to get there
3.1. By plane

The nearest airport is FlyBalaton located at Sármellék. FlyBalaton is reachable usually during summer via charter flights from several cities in Germany and from Moscow. The large international airport of Hungary, Liszt Ferenc Airport is in the suburbs of the capital, Budapest.

3.2. By car

In case of driving from FlyBalaton Airport, follow road 76 in the direction of Zalagerszeg and turn right in Zalacsány to Zalaszentgrót.

If arriving at Budapest, follow M7 toll-highway from Budapest  to get to the south-east corner of Lake Balaton. Simply follow road 71 leading to Keszthely but much before entering the town, turn left to follow road 76 leading to Zalaegerszeg.After reaching Zalacsány, turn right to the road leading to Zalaszentgrót.

4. Where to stay

There is a multitude of guesthouses (pensions) spotted around Lake Balaton. If you prefer wellness and healing water, the city of Hévíz is the right choice for you.

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