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About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has received many attributes throughout the centuries. It is the country of the legendary flying carpet, the land where both precious goods and fairy tales were transferred from Eastern Asia to Europe along the famous Silk Road.

1. Heritage of Amir Timur

Another emblem of the country is Amir Timur (or historically Tamerlane), a national hero and a successful warrior establishing his own empire in Central Asia. Although his dynasty, the Timurids were actually short-lived, their legacy still survives in the breathtaking historic monuments of Bukhara, Samarkand and Shakhrisabz. Moreover, their cultural impact also influenced other countries: for example the famous Mughals of India were actually descendants of Amir Timur.

2. Uzbek cuisine

Besides cultural tourism, Uzbekistan is also famous for its delicious cuisine influenced by Turkish, Persian and Russian elements. You should never miss traditional meals like the plov, lagman soup, shorba (chorba) or the stuffed cabbage. Although being a stranger, don't be surprised when getting invited by locals to eat with them together. This is simply because Uzbeks are warm and welcoming people who are very proud of their heritage.


3. Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan ...
Uzbekistan Airways flight from Paris at Urgench International Airport
Uzbekistan Airways has recently renewed its fleet and now operates less than half-year old planes on international routes. They offer first class service with multilingual personal entertainment system, movies are in Uzbek, Russian and English.  Hot meals and plenty of drinks (including a very sweet red wine) are served during longer flights. They operate direct flights from Paris, Frankfurt and several Italian cities to Tashkent and sometimes there is also a flight from Paris directly to Urgench.


4. Getting around

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to travel to longer distances by car or bus because Uzbek highways don't reach the European standards. On the contrary, both domestic flights of Uzbekistan Airways and local trains provide excellent service. They are always on time and in case of trains, expect an airplane-like seating with however much more leg-space and huge TV screens.

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