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Piazza della Loggia 360° virtual tour

This is an important example of typical Venetian-style squares with a Renaissance loggia, several palaces and a clock tower. 

The piazza was initiated by Marco Foscari, the mayor of the city in 1433 and its completion took over a century. Sights of the square include the Renaissance Loggia, the Monte di Pietà twin-palace and a clock tower.

1. What to see

Similarly to other North-Italian cities, the Loggia served as the seat of the City Council, a symbol of the entire city. Its construction was started in 1492 by the architect Filippino de' Grassi and got finished by about 1570. Only a few years later the original roofing with large ceiling paintings of Titian was destroyed by a fire. After a series of temporary solutions, the cupola seen today was built in 1914 inspired by the Renaissance model.

The twin palaces of Monte Vecchio di Pietà and Monte Nuovo di Pietà were built around the south edge of the piazza. The right wing (Monte Vecchio) is the old one, built between 1484 and 1489. There is a large arch connecting it to the left wing (Monte Nuovo)  which was built a century later, repeating the previous forms.

Built around the east edge of the piazza, the Torre dell’Orologio (clock tower) was modelled after a similar structure in Venice’s Piazza San Marco.

2. Location

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