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Santo Spirito church 360° virtual tour

The Celestine convent of Santo Spirito was built in the first half of the 14th century together with a Gothic church and a small hospital. Celestines are a Roman Catholic monastic order, a branch of the Benedictines, founded in 1244.

In 1475 began a massive renovation of the church and convent. The rustic facade remained unfinished: Gothic, Renaissance and 18th century Baroque architecture can all be found on it. At the center of the facade stands a bronze sculpture by Francesco Somaini (1971), symbolizing the descent of the Holy Spirit.

1. What to see

The large nave with five chapels on each side with was built from 1530 to 1535 following the plan by Peter Isabello. The Renaissance nave was further expanded by Gian Battista Caniana, a local architect from the province of Bergamo between 1730 and 1740.

In the first two chapels on the right are the "Deposition of Our Lord" by Giulio Carpioni and "The Miracle of St. Anthony of Padua" by Domenico Viani.  The third chapel on the right, already mentioned in a 1512, is the oldest and served as a model for the construction of the other chapels.

Among the works of art preserved in the church, the most magnificent altarpiece is in the 4th chapel on the right. Painted by Lorenzo Lotto, it depicts Virgin Mary with child and saints (ie. St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Augustine, St. Sebastian and St. Anthony the abbot etc.).

In the first chapel on the left is the painting "St. John the Baptist and other saints" by Andrea Previtali, commissioned by the Cassotti brothers. Noteworthy is the second chapel on the left with a Pentecost polyptych from 1509 by Ambrogio da Fossano known as Ambrogio Bergognone. It depicts "The descent of the Holy Spirit on the enthroned Madonna and the Apostles".

2. When to see

Opening times might vary, probably the best option is to visit the church right after the morning or the evening mass (9am, 6pm).

3. Location

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