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San Agostino monastery 360° virtual tour

This Gothic monastery could become an icon of the city if it would be properly restored after hundreds of years of disrepair.

1. What to see

Walking along Via Porta Dipinta, one can slowly descend from the the medieval Upper town to the lower part of Bergamo. Before crossing Porta Sant'Agostino one can have a look at the rarely visited Gothic monastery of  San Agostino. Founded by Augustinian hermits during the 13th century, the church was consecrated in 1347. It was rebuilt after a destructive fire and was completed by 1476 with interior decoration by Alvise Vivarini. The main facade is a work of Castagneta dominated by two large Gothic windows. Between them and above the entrance is a small Rosary window topped by a marble statue of St. Augustine. San Agostino was the only major monument that was saved when the Venetian Walls were constructed around the city. Glory of the monastery vanished during the French invasion campaign lead by Napoleon Bonaparte. More than 200 years later, the neglected monastic complex still needs to be restored to its former beauty. Today the partially restored monastery houses the university of Bergamo and the deconsecrated crumbling church is fenced off the public.

2. When to see

We've visited the monastery in the afternoon (about 5pm). You can walk along the courtyards of the monastery but the church is closed to the public.

3. Location

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