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San Michele al Pozzo Bianco church 360° virtual tour

Set off Via Porta Dipinta at a tiny square is this 8th century church which was rebuilt multiple times throughout the centuries. Compared to the facade from the early 1900s, its the interior is much more authentic with a multitude of Gothic and Renaissance frescoes.

1. What to see

The nave was adorned with frescoes during the 15th century. One can identify common scenes like the Crucifixion or the Last Judgment. Definitely the most important frescoes are to be found in the chapel left to the high altar. Being painted by Lorenzo Lotto in 1525, these masterworks depict Scenes from the Life of The Virgin Mary. It is also worth peeking into the very dark crypt because of its precious 13th-16th century frescoes.

Useful information: don't leave your sweater at home since it is a very cold church.

2. When to see

We've visited the church in the afternoon (about 4pm)

3. Location

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