Santi Nazaro e Celso church 360° virtual tour

Located at the  intersection of Corso Giamcomo Matteotti with Via Fratelli Bronzetti, exterior of this church is dominated by a huge neoclassic facade. Although being founded in the 13th century, nothing reminds us of its medieval origins because the church was completely rebuilt in the 18th century. Most visitors come here for a masterwork of Titian.

1. Averoldi Polyptych

The most precious item of the church is the Averoldi Polyptych, an altarpiece by Titian painted about 1520-1522.  Its donor was a papal legate in Venice named Averoldi who ordered a rather old-fashioned compartment-divided polyptych. In order to achieve a degree of unity, Titian used light convergence towards the central scene depicting Resurrection of Christ. It is interesting to find the kneeling figure of Averoldi, the donor next to Saint Nazarius and Celsus on the bottom-left panel. The bottom-right panel depicts the Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian in an unusual way: the saint stands on a broken column and he is tied to a trunk in a very distorted position. His face resembles a bit that of the Christ in the central panel. The upper two scenes depict the popular theme of Annunciation with an angel to the left and Virgin Mary to the right. The angel illuminated from backwards holds the famous text „Ave Maria Gratia Plena”.

2. When to see


We've visited the church on Sunday right after the mass (about 10.30-11am).

3. Location

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