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Qasr Kharana 360° virtual tour

This building is commonly identified as a caravanserai (a khan) but some historians claim it to have been a meeting place of Umayyad rulers and local Beduins. Based on a painting in one of the rooms, it has been dated to 710 making it to be a very early Islamic construction. According to some inscriptions, a former Roman or Byzantine building could also have stood here.

1. What to see

Qasr Kharana has a square layout with a courtyard inside. Storage rooms and stables were on the ground floor. Following one of the elegant stairways, visitors can get to the biggest attraction of the building. Rooms on the upper floor are adorned with carved plaster medallions and small pillars. Although the building has tight windows, it isn't likely that they were used for military purpose. Instead they were to keep the heat out and provide a circulation of air.

2. When to see

Qasr Kharana is usually open from sunrise till sunset. There should be a caretaker at the site who can open the building if it is locked. When visiting during Ramadan in August 2011, it was open at about 5pm.

3. Location

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